Dolphin C4

Dolphin C4

Cleans pool floor, cove, walls, and waterline

Recommended for small to mid-size commercial pools

Perfect for small to mid-size commercial pools, the C4 is a robust commercial cleaner that includes valuable features while maintaining an affordable price point.

  • Full Filter Indicator-- tells you it's time to clean the filter!
  • Delayed start feature allows debris to settle for easy removal.
  • Pro remote included for manual navigation and cycle selection
  • Incredibly efficient- cost less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
  • Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling
  • Multiple cycle options-- 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 hours.
  • Large self-contained filter cartridge to collect dirt, debris, and even dust particles
  • Includes caddy for easy portability and storage
  • Self-Programmed for optimal pool scanning

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