Scum Line Solutions

Scum Line Solutions

Imagine a beautiful summer day in Pittsburgh, a perfect pool day. Maybe you worked tirelessly to make your water perfect. Hours of skimming and vacuuming have left your pool looking almost picture perfect. Only one problem, the stubborn unsightly scum line around the perimeter of your pool wall that despite your best efforts refuses to leave. The scumline sometimes frustrates new pool owners or operators. I have good news for you. With the proper understanding and maintenance the scumline can be effectively removed.

Some people don’t know what causes the scum on the pool walls and as a result are unsure how to eliminate it. The scumline develops from oils that float on the water's surface and collect on the pool wall. A common source of these oils are sweat, cosmetics, and sun tan lotions. Since these oils commonly enter a pool, Allegheny Pool Service Co recommends treating the scumline on a regular and consistent basis. Removing scum lines is one of the many services we offer in our maintenance contracts.

To remove the scum line at your pool or spa use a product designed for your wall surface. The market offers various products for different pool finishes. For example there are products specifically designed for to tile walls. Before using any product, read all directions and labels. Allegheny Pool Services Co. can provide you with cleaning products directly applicable to your pool wall surface.

As a general rule of thumb, a baking soda paste will work well on most finishes. Simply mix a little water into a container of baking soda to make a gooey paste. Apply the past with a non-metallic no-scratch scouring pad. Scrub the paste over the scumline on the pool wall. A little elbow grease will go a long way. If the scumline persists a special product may be needed. With the right product and application the wall will come clean.

In addition to regular cleaning Allegheny Pool Services Co. also offers on site consultations. We would be happy to meet with you and help you develop the right maintenance routine for you to employ at your facility. If you would like we can demonstrate proper cleaning techniques and recommend products that will help you get the job done. Our goal is the assist you in having your pool or spa look its best. More information is available at our homepage.

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Tim Johnson