Pittsburgh Pool Services Talk Introduction

Pittsburgh Pool Services Talk Introduction

Hello, my name is Tim Johnson

In 2014 I founded Allegheny Pool Services Co. I strive to provide the greater Pittsburgh area with safe, clean, and fun pools.

As a kid I enjoyed swimming more than any other activity. When I began my career, my love for swimming developed into a passion for managing, maintaining, and servicing pools. During this time I gained experience working as a pool manager, facilities manager, and a mechanical cost estimator. The knowledge I received from these positions allows me to offer excellent customer service and exceptional pool maintenance.

On this blog I aim to share my knowledge and experience of swimming pools. I also hope to learn more from others.

I would be honored to contribute my talents and dedication to help you resolve any pool or spa needs you may have.

More information about myself and Allegheny Pool Services Co. can be found at our homepage. I look forward to discussing more with you!