Allegheny Pool Services Co. offers pool painting as a service to the greater Pittsburgh area. I enjoy painting pools. Using a fresh coat of paint to transform a dingy looking concrete crater into a welcoming pool provides me with a lot of satisfaction. In this post I will give you four tips on how to properly paint a pool. Following these four points will ensure that your painting project yields great results.

  1. Determine What Type of Paint If your pool is already painted, you need to determine what type of pool paint is currently on your walls and floor. The most common types of pool paint are Epoxy-Based Pool Paint, Rubber -Based Pool Paint, and Acrylic-Based Pool Paint. Unless you want to sandblast off all of the existing paint you must use a pool paint with the same base as the last coat for your current project. Using a pool paint with a different base will result in poor adhesion of the new coat. If the new coat fails to adhere, a flaking problem will quickly develop.

  2. Figure the Square Footage of your Pool Walls and Floors The second step in a pool painting project involves figuring the square footage of your pool walls and floor. Pool paint manufactures will provide approximate square footage coverage per gallon. Knowing the area you need to cover will enable you to purchase the proper amount paint.

  3. Preparation and Application After purchasing the correct amount of paint, you are ready to get to the core of the project. Manufactures of different pool paints will provide you with specific preparation and application instructions. You should follow them as closely as possible. For a general guideline, make sure the pool surface is clean and dry before rolling or spraying on a new coat of paint.

  4. Cure Time Different pool paints have specific cure times. You should allow the paint to cure for the time specified by the manufacture before filling your pool with water. If you are painting an outdoor pool, look at the extended forecast to ensure you have enough dry days for your paint to properly cure.

I hope you found these four pointers on pool painting helpful and relevant.

If you have interest in having someone paint your pool for you, would you please consider Allegheny Pool Services Co.? We are happy to provide you with a free estimate on pool painting. On the other hand, if you desire to take on a pool painting project yourself Allegheny Pool Services Co. can provide you with the right supplies for the job. We are able to supply you with a wide array of pool paints and colors. We can also help you pick the best paint for you specific application. You can find more information at our homepage.

Thanks for reading,

Tim Johnson