Manually Adding Chemicals

Manually Adding Chemicals

Offering Pittsburgh Pool Services, I sometimes encounter the need to manually add chemicals to the pool. If you operate a pool or spa, hopefully you have a mechanical feeder and do not need to manually add chemicals to your water on a regular basis. At the same time, situations will arise that require the manual addition of chemicals. I want to provide you with some general safety tips for manually adding pool chemicals.

  1. Never hand feed any chemicals to the water while your pool or spa is open. If you must manually add chemicals, you should close your facility. You must allow sufficient time for the chemicals to dissolve and disperse before the facility is reopened. The water must meet all applicable local code standards before reopening

  2. Before adding any chemicals to your water, you must make sure you have read and understood the product's label. You should have also read and understood the products Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). When handling the chemical you should always take the necessary protective measures detailed in a products MSDS.

  3. Never add water to chemicals, always add chemicals to water.

  4. Never mix chemicals. Do not add chemicals to the same bucket. Do not add different chemicals to the pool water at the same time. Let each chemical fully disperse before adding another chemical.

  5. Never siphon chemicals by mouth.

  6. Never flush excess chemicals into a sewer line.

  7. Use a clean scoop or dipper for each different chemical. You should not use the same scoop or dipper for different chemicals. A good practice involves labeling scoops or dippers to indicate the chemical with which they are used. Using the same scoop or dipper for the same chemical may cause an unwanted chemical reaction, including fire.

  8. Always keep chemicals in their original containers.

  9. Replace container covers properly.

  10. You should discard empty chemical containers or packages according to the product's label instructions and your local codes

I hope you find these guidelines helpful. If you need to add chemicals to a public pool, remember that Pennsylvania requires this to be done by a Certified Category 24 Pesticide Applicator. You can find more information about this requirement in this post, "Pesticide Applicator".

Allegheny Pool Services Co. can provide this service for you. We carry a Pesticide Business Licence, and are certified applicators, pool operators, and Allegheny County Bathing Place Managers. In addition to adding chemicals, we can also offer direction in the proper type and dosage of chemical to use depending on your situation. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, clean, and fun pool. If you have any questions about our services please contact us. More information is available at our homepage.

Thanks for reading,

Tim Johnson

Sources: Pool and Spa Operator Handbook, pages 99-100