Heater Repair

Heater Repair

In Pittsburgh a pool heater makes for a nice luxury. When you have a heater, there is nothing worse than a cold pool or spa. One day everything maybe running smoothly and all of a sudden your heater stops working. If you manage a pool or spa you may receive an onslaught of complaints about "freezing water." Allegheny Pool Services Co. encourages you not to panic. A pool heater works in a series of steps that turn the heater on and off, and keep the water at the desired temperature. You can actually start the process of troubleshooting the heater yourself.

When troubleshooting any piece of equipment, Allegheny Pool Services Co. takes a systematic approach following the device's order of operation. The order of operation is simply the steps or requirements that must be meet for the device to work In the case of troubleshooting a gas pool heater, you should follow these steps.

  1. Check to make sure the gas valve is on. This is especially true when you are first starting a pool for the season. Sometimes the gas is shut off during the winter
  2. Check the heater's on/off switch to make sure the heater is turned on.
  3. Check the heater's thermostat. It may be turned to low and is not calling for heat. If so adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature setting.
  4. Check the pool's circulation. The number one reason a heater will fail to fire results from poor circulation. Pool heaters require a minimum flow before they will fire. Check your filter's pressure gauge. If its 8 to 10 psi above its starting pressure backwash the filter. You should also make sure your pump's strainer basket and pool skimmers are clear of debris.

If you go through these four steps and your heater still fails to fire, Allegheny Pool Services Co. strongly suggests you contact a professional. Remember natural gas and electricity are dangerous. If you are in need of further troubleshooting, Pittsburgh pool heater repair, or need help with the initial evaluation described above, please give us a call. More information can also be found at our homepage.

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