Foaming Spa

Foaming Spa

Foaming water often poses a challenge to people maintaining spas and hot tubs. A spa with a foam problem spews an unsightly white froth on the surface of the water. In my stops at different spas and hot tubs around the Pittsburgh area, many people have asked me what causes the foam and how to get rid of it.

Foaming can develop from the use of certain kinds of algaecides but more commonly foaming results from poor filtration and inadequate sanitation. When spa water isn't filtered and treated properly high levels of organic wastes stay in the water. Aeration from blowers in spa water combined with high levels of containment will result in an unsightly foam.

There are many defoaming products on the market that will help break down and dissipate the foam. If used properly defoamers serve a very useful function. Unfortunately, many people use these products to mask the problem of contaminated water. If the water has a large presence of containment it poses a health risk for anyone using the spa. Allegheny Pool Services Co. believes the root of the foaming problem should be solved first.

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