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We strive to provide the Pittsburgh area with safe, clean, and fun pools.

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Our Mission.

Allegheny Pool Services Co. believes swimming pools and spas can offer wonderful recreation, unique aesthetic beauty and enjoyable experiences. We also remind ourselves daily of the disease and danger caused by improperly maintained aquatic facilities. We allow you to avoid the potential hazards of pools and spas, so you can enjoy the great benefits. Our mission is to provide the greater Pittsburgh area with safe, clean and fun pools.

Why choose Us.

What qualities do you seek in a Pittsburgh pool service company? Do you require professional and customer focused service? Professionalism and exceptional customer service allow us to meet and exceed your expectations.

What we Do.

We accomplish our mission by providing Pittsburgh pool services, on-site consultations and equipment sales. To meet your unique needs, we custom tailor our maintenance services to fit your requirements. If you would like advice to improve your pool operation, we offer consultation to help you reach your goals. The equipment and supplies we offer will assist you in achieving the best results for your operation.